7 Reasons Organic Ghee is the ‘in-thing’ for all GenZ & Millennial

7 Reasons Organic Ghee is the ‘in-thing’ for all GenZ & Millennial

Organic ghee is crafted consciously with the milk of grass, pasture fed desi cows that are not given any growth hormones or antibodies and thus, is believed to be the best in quality. Organic Ghee does not have any harmful substance, be it color, chemicals or any artificial additives to make it a favorable choice for customers.

Umanac is known to offer the best grade Organic Ghee. Their organic ghee is handcrafted with the traditional method called Bilona which is the two way churning process that helps to enhance its medicinal and ayurvedic properties. It may serve your health and wellbeing extremely well. If you are on a look out for a better alternative to other cooking oils that lack nutrition on the core, a good ghee can be your savior.

Umanac offers two variants in Organic Ghee – Umanac Organic Cow Ghee and Umanac Organic A2 Bilona Desi Cow Ghee. The latter is a combination of Organic and A2 that has Beta-casein protein which helps in healthy development of toddlers and all age groups alike. Both of these Ghee are certainly gaining momentum when it comes to this generation's needs and wants. 

 Here are 7 reasons why GenZ and Millennial are totally in awe of Umanac Organic Range of Ghee and how it serves as the most valuable ‘in-thing’ -

1.  Rich source of Vitamins and Anti-oxidants –

Organic ghee, also known as clarified butter is known to contain some great quality vitamins and antioxidants required for all health advancements. Such nutrients aren’t generally found in any conventional ghee or any other cooking oil.

Vitamin A, scientifically known to be essential for a healthy vision, skin, and immune function, is one of the main vitamins present in organic ghee. Vitamin E in it is a potent antioxidant that may help in defending the body against damage brought on by free radicals.  Organic Ghee also contains vitamin K2, which may be crucial for bone health and may have additional health advantages.

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties, is also a component of organic ghee. There are multiple other antioxidants found in Ghee. 

Since today’s generation is inclined towards developing a better health and having a fit body, Umanac range of Organic Ghee, intact with all nutrition can be the best diet addition.

2.  Keto friendly –

Umanac Organic ghee is a healthy fat which is low in carbohydrates. As a clarified butter which has the milk solids removed, it is free of lactose and casein. Hence, it can be regarded as keto-friendly.

For the people of the current era on Keto diet, the body uses fat as its primary energy source rather than carbohydrates. It involves consuming large amounts of healthy fats, moderate amounts of protein, and very small amounts of carbohydrates. Given that Umanac Organic Ghee is a source of healthy fats and has no added sugar, salt or carbohydrates, it can surely be a fantastic addition to your ketogenic diet. However, for the maximum health benefits, one has to be watchful about the calorie consumption too.

3.  May process healthy bacteria -

In the process of making ghee, the milk solids and water are taken out. Ghee is scientifically believed to encourage the production of some acids in the stomach, which may assist us in feeling eased. The presence of Butyric acid in Umanac Organic range of Ghee, which is a short-chain fatty acid, may support the health of the digestive tract. This proves to be another beneficial component of ghee.

4.  May help absorb nutrition-

Ghee greatly helps to reduce the acidic pH of our gastrointestinal tract, which may also help to improve nutrient absorption in the small intestine. Umanac Cow Ghee being a natural source of antioxidants neutralizes free radicals and prevents the oxidation process. According to some studies, eating ghee, a healthy fat, super – food may make it easier for the body to absorb some vital vitamins and minerals. It is therefore advised by experts to make use of Ghee in limits that is Butyric acid rich which may also help the development of good bacteria thereby lowering inflammation.

Essential vitamins A, D, E, and K, which are known to be among the fat-soluble vitamins are abundantly found in ghee. These vitamins, fat-soluble, require fat to be absorbed by the body hence the high healthy fat content of ghee may support in bettering the absorption of these vitamins.

 5.  Lactose and casein free-

Even though, Umanac range of Organic Ghee is made from milk source, it is free from lactose and casein. Lactose is nothing but natural sugar found in milk products and casein is protein found in milk. People who are lactose intolerant have difficulty in digesting dairy products and may develop allergies too. However, ghee being only milk fat, may not cause allergies to dairy-allergic people.

6.  Energy Source-

Desi Ghee contains medium-chain fatty acids which may quickly burn to produce energy. No wonder Ghee has always been a reliable source of energy for the health enthusiasts and athletes. The studies show that the body may use this energy from medium-chain fatty acids to burn other types of fats as well. It may thus help to upkeep a perfect health.

7.  Beauty Needs-

Organic Ghee is largely used by many women and teens to make exciting DIY beauty recipes at home. These recipes are quick, economical, reliable and safe. Just a little amount of ghee along with other kitchen ingredients can get you salon like freshness in no time.  

The uses of Organic ghee which is free of chemicals, pesticides and any unwanted additives, in the cosmetic industry is also becoming known and this helps the customers have trust in the company.

With innumerable benefits that can be obtained simply by consuming Umanac Organic Ghee, it is no surprise that this generation trusts it with their wellness needs. The trick is to understand the amount of Organic Ghee one can safely consume in a day. If you have benefitted from Umanac range of ghee and have experienced more advantages, let us know!



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