UMANAC Organic Virgin Coconut Oil | Cold Pressed | Pet Bottle 250ml/500 ml

Extracted from the milk of freshly harvested organic coconuts, Umanac Organic Virgin Coconut Oil will delight you with the colossal internal and external health benefits. Made with cold pressed method, this oil has all nutrients intact and maximises your lifestyle goals.

It is the most trusted natural source of Lauric Acid, Vitamin E and rich MCTs that has innumerable benefits. It may help you stay energised, active and youthful when consumed in moderation every day.

It is quick absorbing on skin and may also help to absorb nutrients in your body.
Furthermore, it has no artificial additives like flavours or colours. No harmful chemicals are added.

Enhance your wellbeing with this super-food that is made in small batches to maximize the merits you obtain every single day.

Our best selling and most loved Organic Virgin Coconut Oil will surprise you with the number of uses it can have.

It is nothing short of a marvel being safe, easy to use and economical. Just one oil can help you in varied ways and forms.

You may bank on it right from aiming internal robustness to beauty needs.

It has a rich taste, aroma, and flavour that takes care of your kitchen needs. Some may use it as a healthier alternative to other cooking oils while some may use it for simple tempering.

Make your skin glow, hair shine and nails & cuticles healthy by simple application of this oil on a regular basis.

You may make several beauty DIY recipes too. It functions as a makeup remover that not only gives you a cleaner face but also moisturises and soothes your tired skin.

Above all, it provides a great care as a massage oil for new born babies and new mothers since it soaks well into the skin by providing the required nourishment. There is absolutely no age bar when it comes to this multi-functional oil. Whether a toddler or an elder, it vends the same level of wholesomeness for all.

Most, who have made this oil a routine swear by the oral hygiene benefits it offers. Oil pulling has been frequently practised in many households and it has miraculous effects too.

The most health effective oil that is conducive in vegan, keto and other form of diets.

Since it also takes care of all your beauty needs, whether by consuming or applying; it is no surprise that coconut oil is now vastly being used by many eco-cosmetic companies too.

500 ml
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UMANAC A2 Kankrej Cow Ghee | Traditional Bilona Method - 500ml

Cultured with care for uncompromised health and wellbeing, Umanac A2 Kankrej Cow Ghee is truly exclusive and loaded with varied health benefits. The Kankrej breed of Cow originates from the most authentic & traditional cow keeping community in Kankrej Taluka of Banaskantha district, situated in Gujarat. The unique character of this massive sized breed is its swinging ears and, a hump with a special vein called ‘Suryaketu’ that helps soak the energy from the sun and the moon into its milk.

The cattle is left to graze on free range open lands with nutritious grass and are not treated with any artificial antibiotics or hormones. That is how these happy and robust cows yield quality A2 milk which is then used in crafting UMANAC A2 Kankrej Cow Ghee. A2 milk can also be compared to a mother’s milk in it’s abundance and exclusivity. It is an extremely opulent source of Beta Casein protein.

You may wonder what makes a Ghee truly worthy in today’s time and age that is defined by hurriedness & carelessness. Here is what makes this A2 ghee totally worthy of investment.

UMANAC A2 Desi Gir Cow Ghee is crafted with the Traditional Bilona process which is a two way churning of curd derived from the milk of A2 Desi Gir Cows. This churning results into a rich Makkhan that is further slow cooked into obtaining a healthy and nutritious A2 Desi Gir Cow Ghee. It has a long shelf life. There are no additional additives or harmful chemicals involved in making of this much desired ghee. No artificial flavours, no colours go into it.

This Ghee has all the Ayurvedic and Medicinal properties. It can also be guilt-free used by the health enthusiasts in their diets. The dense nutrition may help people of all ages, right from toddler to an elderly. It absorbs well in the body and also helps the body to soak other nutrients for better function.
Use this ghee for your beauty recipes or self-help health recipes. Regular use of this ghee, whether on consumption or external application will surprise you with unimagined benefits.

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