UMANAC Himalayan Pink Rock Salt Powder | Hand Mined | Naturally Occurring Minerals 1.25 kg

Your daily salt that is less of unwanted sodium, and more wholesome & uncontaminated.

This stunning soft-pink, reddish-orange hued Umanac Himalayan Pink Rock Salt comes from the naturally occurring minerals at the Himalayan foothills.

It is hand mined and contains of 84 vital trace minerals and elements to empower your lifestyle. Along with many other nutrition, this salt is rich in potassium, iron, calcium, copper and magnesium.

Welcome simple and wise living by making small changes. Replace your white table salt with Umanac Himalayan Pink Rock Salt for all your daily cooking needs.

Since this salt is unbleached, unprocessed, and naturally unearthed, it may help you transform your wellbeing at the most fundamental level.

It may also play a prime role in your fitness journey and may protect you from developing several health ailments on a longer run.

When used regularly, it may also facilitate detoxification in your body. It is scientifically believed to have therapeutic properties, helps your body absorb more nutrients and also keep you hydrated.

Feel free to use this pink salt with captivating properties as a bath salt, for your DIY beauty and health recipes and oodles of fun recipes like dips, chutneys, marinades. You may also like to preserve your pickles and sauces by adding it into them.

The correct and traditionally known way of using this salt is by completely diluting the required amount in a glass of 250 ml water. Add this water to your cooking food instead of sprinkling the salt directly. This ensures uniformed taste.

Remember Umanac Himalayan Pink Rock Salt is hand mined and may be in fragment form that would need to be diluted before use.

Make your food finger licking and absolutely nutritious simply by using a salt with innumerable values.

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