10 Reasons Ghee is your most efficient Super-food

10 Reasons Ghee is your most efficient Super-food

Traditionally, we all have known Ghee to be a part of our households. The generation before our grand-parents existed have also made extensive use of ghee. The ancient India they called it ‘liquid gold’ or ‘sacred fat.’


The discovery of Ghee is fascinating and it dates back to the era when people started domesticating cattle. They primarily cultured butter from the milk of cattle, which would go foul and musty due to heat. Ghee was thus known to be developed further to butter which also displayed a long shelf life.

Therefore, the love for ghee is truly timeless. Umanac makes all efforts into maintaining this timelessness and could prove to be the best Super-food for you in today’s time.

Reasons why Umanac range of Ghee can be your most efficient Super-food -

1.  Quality & Nutrition -

Considering a striking history of this ‘liquid gold,’ Umanac brings to you some most cherishing experiences in form of Ghee made in Bilona process. Whether certified organic ghee or crafted with enriching A2 milk of Desi Cows you find it all here. It is an endeavor at UMANAC to present every ardent ghee lover with the purest and most trusted nature of ghee which offers much more in quality and nutrition than what one may craft at home.

2.  Umanac range of healthy Cow Ghee

All the types of UMANAC ghee viz Umanac Organic Cow Ghee, Umanac A2 Desi Gir Cow Ghee and A2 Kankrej Cow Ghee, Umanac Organic A2 Desi Bilona Cow Ghee are free of growth hormones, antibiotics, chemicals, preservatives, artificial flavors and colors. That showcases all good reasons for all these types of ghee to be the best for health consumption.

3.  A Lifestyle filled with nutrition-

Besides adding a rich flavor to food, ghee is also revered as a rich source of Vitamins, minerals and medium chain fatty acid. By replacing your general cooking oil with Umanac Ghee you may be able to promise a better lifestyle to your family and yourself by adding Vitamin A,D,E to daily diet. These Vitamins and Medium chain fatty acid may provide energy to the body and may also help to eliminate toxins that are generally difficult to release. Ghee is also known to be rich in a short-chain fatty acid named Butyric acid that may nourish the body cells.

Vitamin K2 may help your body to utilize calcium and minerals better. K2 is also believed to benefit oral conditions and flourishing overall wellness.

4.  Beauty Recipes-

Omega 3 fatty acids that also comes inclusive in rich ghee, may play a lead role in protecting the body. Additionally, making ghee a part of our daily diet may provide suppleness and elasticity to our skin. When used externally in DIY beauty recipes, Ghee can be amazingly beneficial.

It has moisturising effect and may also soothe and correct your skin. It can also be used on hair.

5.  Traditional Bilona Process-

Umanac Organic Cow Ghee is made with Organic Milk of nutritious grass fed desi cows. This Ghee is hand churned in the ancient traditional way. The makkhan obtained from the curd of this milk is further hand churned in the two way Traditional Bilona process with a lot of patience and love to extract ghee from it. This process helps to retain all nutrients and doesn’t break them down. You are thus assured of the best quality ghee.

6.  Organic Cow Milk Speciality-

Organic Cow milk is very different from the ordinary milk most of us may be accustomed to in today’s time, where nothing comes free of adulteration. This milk comes from free range, grass or pasture-fed desi cows that aren’t treated with any antibiotics or artificial growth hormones. They are left to graze freely on chemical free, nutrient rich grass known to improve the quality of milk thus produced.

Umanac Organic Cow Ghee made of such high value Organic cow milk turns out to be extremely delightful, enriched with nutrition.

7.  Umanac A2 range of Ghee

Umanac A2 Desi Gir Cow Ghee and A2 Kankrej Cow Ghee are also hand crafted with Bilona process. The wholesome A2 milk of Desi Gir and Kankrej Cows are used. These cow breeds are native to India and are rare.

8.  A2 Milk beta-casein

What makes this A2 milk special is the beta-casein protein present in it which is believed to be extremely health enriching. A2 milk also boasts of offering essential vitamins and minerals. It is primarily known to come from human grade milk. There are a handful breeds of desi cows that naturally yield milk that is rich in A2 beta-casein protein, hence are special.

9.  Club of A2 and Organic

Umanac Organic A2 Desi Bilona Cow Ghee is potent with being organic and A2 both in nature. It is a premium ghee that provides oodles of benefits and is crafted with Bilona process as well.

10.  External & Internal health needs

To sum up, Ghee is helpful in all areas – externally and internally health. There are some creative ways of using it too. Ask your parents and they shall be able to share how their parents made use of ghee in their old times.


Whether pregnancy, general health rectification or external baby recipes like a natural kohl; all the benefits originated from ghee.

 In today’s time when most of us are in the need to practice healthy living, ghee may easily be recommended for most types of health diets. Usually the quantity to be consumed each day is endorsed and must be followed too. Anything over-exercised is not considered too healthful and the same applies to consuming ghee too.


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