‘Why And How To Consume Chia Seeds Every Morning’- A Busy Professional’s Trusted Guide

‘Why And How To Consume Chia Seeds Every Morning’- A Busy Professional’s Trusted Guide

India has a large working age population and you aren’t the only one who’s had a rough last week. Amidst those client meets and wanting to keep the promises to your family get-togethers, you practically had no time for your own self. Since your health needs more attention than ever in today’s fast paced world, how you wish there could be edibles that aren’t just quick fix but also deeply transform your wellbeing.

Well if that’s the case with you too, look closely. Umanac Organic Chia Seeds will totally stun you with the ease of consumption and the comfort of health that they provide almost instantaneously.

UMANAC Organic Chis seeds are certified organic. These clean, dust free seeds have no preservatives or artificial additives. Let’s dive deeper and understand how Chia Seeds can stand beneficial to your wellbeing needs.

A wellspring of Nutrition

As per studies, just consuming 1.5 to 2 tbsp of UMANAC Organic Chia seeds, once or twice in a day may help you fulfil your daily nutritional requirements. So even if you are running against time, it’s easy for you to find potassium, calcium, protein, antioxidants, omega 3, daily fibre, iron, potassium and vitamins in abundance in one go.

These mighty seeds are known as one of the best foods you can have in the morning.

Here are a few interesting, extremely easy ways and reasons you must make UMANAC Organic Chia seeds a part of your healthy mornings -

1.  For your bored bowels-

A big boon for those who are intertwined in their super busy schedules. Being a great source of fibre, simply consuming chia seeds soaked in water in the morning, right after you wake up may give your digestive system a boost and encourage bowel movement. The best kick start you can give to yourself right in the morning which takes care of the rest of your day. That easy, really!

2.  For a filling-feel-

You may also soak 1.5 tbsp chia seeds overnight and the next morning add it to a warm glass of water along with a few drops of lime and 1 tsp Umanac Organic Honey. This may help boost your system too.

Alongside, this low in calorie, soluble fibre expands in your stomach helping you feel fuller for long thereby reducing hunger pangs. That’s how the soaked seeds may help keep your system aligned.

3.  Strengthening-

UMANAC Organic Chia seeds are known to have anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties and may help you deal with any unforeseen disorders that may arise from an unruly lifestyle. Studies show that most body ailments may root from high inflammation. Strengthening your system by settling any chance of inflammation right in the morning on an empty stomach may help fight any form of dis-ease.

 Seeds mixed into your cold breakfast that may include porridge, overnight oatmeal in milk or yogurt can be your options. That is the easiest way to stay cool and hydrated.

4.  Springing energy-

Want to feel a burst of energy as you start your day or before you go for your morning run or before you hit the gym? UMANAC Organic Chia seeds packed with protein, calcium, phosphorous and magnesium may not only energise you but also provide the strength you need while you exert your physical self. You may start your day with a pre-workout healthy smoothie or any vegetable juice with soaked UMANAC Organic Chia Seeds.

5.  Staying cool and hydrated-

Do you often miss to drink water due to your heavy to-dos and feel dehydrated at times? Umanac Organic Chia Seeds are known to help our bodies retain and regulate fluid. This helps us maintain our hydration level. Since Chia seeds absorb water well and take a place in our stomach, they may keep us cool throughout.

6.  Beauty needs-

All the characteristics of Umanac Organic Chia Seeds lead us towards a better, healthier and glowing skin. It has hydrating power that glows up the skin, it is an anti-inflammatory for the skin. Also, all the nutrients that chia seeds contain may strengthen skin cells and tissues. You may soak Umanac Organic Chia Seeds in 2 lts. of filtered water and keep sipping it throughout the day for enhanced benefits. If you want to add flavour, sneak in a few lemon drops or slices.

7.  Circulating Nutrients-

You may have Chia Seeds combined with oats or cereals but you must know that these tiny seeds alone have more amount of B – vitamins than oats and cereals. In fact, if you are a vegetarian and do not have a source for the essential B – Vitamins, Chia Seeds can be your excellent supplement. This vitamin may help break down carbs and reach nutrients to different body parts.

How much Umanac Organic Chia Seeds can you eat in a day?

Commonly advised intake of this super food is about 20 grams or 1.5 - 2 tablespoons twice per day. You may make your choice so long as you ensure not over-consuming the seeds.

While Umanac Organic chia seeds can be a part of a healthy diet pattern, it's important not to rely on it for any single health goal. Furthermore, you may make it part of an overall healthy diet, not over-consuming it.


Disclaimer –
This information is provided for educational and entertainment purposes only. We do not accept any responsibility for any liability, loss or risk, personal or otherwise, incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, from any information or advice contained here.


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