Can Ghee Make You Beautiful Inside Out?

Can Ghee Make You Beautiful Inside Out?

Are you someone who tends to care for, and nurture yourself well? If yes, thou shall definitely know that any care of self-care & self-love leads you into looking much more beautiful and attractive. Not just that, this ritual further leads into developing more self-confidence. According to some study, not recent of course, there is found a psychological link between the conception of beauty and being confident.

Ghee – The mainstay

It all starts at home. Some of the best and most trusted beauty recipe ingredients are all found stacked in your kitchen cupboard.

Of all the goodies we trust for our daily use, ghee is a mainstay, whether in the kitchen or beauty recipes.

The benefits of using ghee has always stood apart from the benefits of other components. It has certainly been witnessed by your great grandmothers’ generation too.

Besides, helping in the maintenance of internal health that automatically gives rise to external well-being, skin, hair etc., ghee may also be used for external application.

It is always known as a safe and healthy option especially when it is Organic or comes from A2 milk. Umanac, today is the most trusted amongst all other in the market place.  

Do you desire dewy skin, lustrous hair and much more?

  1. Central to most of us, our skin and hair health can be taken care of with any Umanac ghee you may want to pick.
  1. Vitamins A, E, D, K and healthy fatty acids work wonders if applied externally to both, skin and hair.
  1. There are many ways people make use of this household staple, ghee. Not just for face and body but also for rectifying nails, cuticles, lip and foot.
  1. Some of us have extreme dry skin, especially on the heels or joints. Some may also have unhealthy cuticles that end up looking shabby.
  1. Dryness and unhealthy conditions in hair has become a common issue in todays’ fast paced life.

You may be able to achieve a dewy, supple, healthy skin and healthy hair if you are persistent in your efforts of taking care of self. However, dealing with any limitations becomes easier with using ghee. You can swear by the abilities of ghee in bringing out the natural beauty in you.

 Beauty by consuming Ghee

  1. As a mark of umpteen nutrition and well-being, ghee consumed in the right amount has the potential to benefit every body system.
  1. It surely can bring in a lot of abundance to skin by making your body function well with all the required essential nutrition.
  1. You may find yourself sparkling inside and out.
  1. The antioxidants and rich omega fatty acids in ghee are known to counterbalance free radicals that in turn nurtures the skin.
  1. You may feel your skin becoming better in texture and glow gradually.
  1. If you have a dry and dull skin texture, you would experience it transform to better and healthy one. 
  1. Not just your skin but your hair will also start to see a total renovation. No wonder, in India and Ayurveda they call Ghee amrita or nectar.

Beauty by applying Ghee

  1. Application of ghee externally, whether on skin, hair, nails; is equally benefiting as consuming it.
  1. It may moisturise and hydrate your skin, maintaining both in the longer run.
  1. It brings about a natural glow to the skin and provides a nice silky-moisturised texture to the hair.
  1. If you have oily skin and hair and application of ghee leads into greasiness, then you may mix gram flour or fuller’s earth in ghee to form a face pack. This is a general DIY beauty recipe used by many.
  1. Additionally, ghee may also be applied to the eye-lids, belly button, ears and chapped lips.

Why Umanac range of Ghee is trusted to successfully serve all your beauty needs -

It’s all real here!

Umanac offers a variety of ghee, Organic and A2. It’s all from and for the love of Desi Cows that are bred with the best nutrition in the free range fields.

No growth hormones forced onto any cows, no colours or flavours, no artificial additives in any ghee makes it the most valued.

The A2 Umanac Ghee comes from the A2 milk of Kankrej and Gir cows, truly rich in beta-casein protein.

Organic ghee comes from super nutritious grass fed desi cows.

All ghee products are handcrafted with the traditional Bilona process. This course involves two way churning that is known to double the medicinal and ayurvedic properties of the ghee.

Consequently every good element of this healthy fat, all Umanac ghee variants, bring out the best of beauty in you. Let us check out how this liquid gold help further enhance the gorgeous that you already are!

Disclaimer –

All the information on this website is published in good faith and for general information purpose only.  We believe in the uniqueness of every reader and their needs. Any action you take upon the information you find on this website, is at your own will and wish.


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